Association of Psychologists Novi Pazar (UPNP) is non-government and non-profit organization with a mission or promotive inclusive approach to people with disabilities and disorders. Association is registered on June 30th , 2014. In Novi Pazar, as an organization working on providing support for individuals with disabilities and disorders, as well as other marginalized social groups and providing social protection services. Therefore, the main goal of the association is providing help for people, especially children and young individuals with disabilities and disorders, and their families, through wide spectrum of activities, as well as working or systematic and institutional solutions.

Following the &qout;Equal opportunities for all&qout;vision, the Association is working on building a civil society based on equal possibilities and rights of all citizens, without violence and discrimination, society based of respect of human rights despite differences, on social inclusion and responsibility.

Goals of the Association:

  • Enhancement of life quality, especially of young adults and children with disabilities and their families, by offering social protection services
  • Supporting community in developing understanding of needs, accepting possibilities, and providing equal opportunities for everyone’s development
  • Development of support services which encourage inclusion of members of sensitive social groups in everyday community life, by developing their capacities and inciting their independence.

Areas of Association’s operations:

UPNP conducts activities within a few program lines:

  • Social protection services:
    • Personal assistant for child
    • Personal assistance
  • Early treatment of children with disabilities and disorders
  • Counseling-therapy and social-educative services
  • Youth psychological counseling
  • Strengthening young people with disorders and disabilities through informal education programs
  • Antidiscrimination and human rights

Official name: Association of Psychologists Novi Pazar Udruženje psihologa Novi Pazar

Abbreviation name:UPNP

Address:Mitrovacka bb, 36300 Novi Pazar, SERBIA

Identification number:28149859


Dinar bank account number:205-0000000212284-41, Komercijalna banka AD Beograd

Foreign currency bank account:205-0070800045892-89, Komercijalna banka AD Beograd