April 09, 2021


Two hundred bicycles were distributed to little ones from Novi Pazar, as a gift from Turkish company Salcano, whose owner is the president of the „Friends of Sanjak“group, Salih Hadžifejzović. Besides the children from Centre for Social Work Novi Pazar, and the kindergarten, the bicycles were given to the clients of Association of Psychologists Novi Pazar. City administration assisted in making this project happen „Those are high quality bicycles, and since this was not the first time Salcano made such donation, the interest was remarkable. It’s not about any gifts, it’s about a promise we made and it is our great pleasure to keep it. We are very grateful, and we are sorry for all the little ones who did not receive a bicycle.“, says Samir Lekic, the member of Novi Pazar mayor’s cabinet. Vice president of the Association of Psychologists Novi Pazar, Marija Tiosavljevic, says that this refers to children with disorders or any form of disability. Distribution of bicycles was announced during the visitation of the president of Republic of Turkey, Redzep Taip Erdogan in Novi Pazar, two days ago. The little ones were also given t shirts, as a present from Turkish Agency for Development and Cooperation (TIKA)

Say NO to sport fans violence
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Summervacation 2018.
UPNP organized two excursions for 17 young people with disorders/disabilities. Within the first excursion, clients had the chance to visit Montenegro
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Training “Establishing sustainable social services and programs for youth safety”
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